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A texturied mixed media painting with cats painted in oil paints. Edges painted black.
30 x 60 x 2,5cm

Painting finished 19.10.2023. The painting will be dry, varnished and ready to ship  6.11.2023.


Mockup home decor photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA:

The black cats

Sales Tax Included
  • The artist reserves the right to postpone the delivery of a sold original painting due to competitions or exhibitions where the work of art is planned to be showcased.

    For artwork that is already in the posession of the new owner, the involvement of the artwork in exhibitions and competitions will be discussed and agreed upon on a case to case basis between the owner and the artist. The artist will cover any cost of shipping or delivery of paintings that are handed over for artshows or other viewings.

    All exhibitions are in the best interest of the owner of the work aswell as the artist's - as all exhibitions and publicity will raise the value of the artwork.

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