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Printed products such as art prints, cards and stickers ship through Printful's several printing facilities. The closest one will be chosen based on your location. Printed products are be shipped worldwide.
In orders with multiple different print-products, items might come from differnt printing facilities and thus ship separately. If you only recieve part of your order, sit tight, the rest is on it's way!

Please allow up to 14 days for your item(s) to be shipped. Print-products usually ship within 7 days, while original artwork may take longer.
Item(s) are not shipped during weekends, holidays or bank holidays.

The seller is not held responsible for any delay during the shipping process; customs or other. Buyer is responsible for any customs or import taxes that may apply after the shipment has left the store.

Add items to your cart to see calculated shipping prices for your country of destination.

For original paintings I recommend contacting me before purchase if you live outside of Finland. This will allow me to research the best and most affordable way to deliver the painting to you based on your location and the size of the painting.

Original paintings can also be picked up in person from Uusimaa area, contact me to set up a pick-up.
Store pick-up is not available for prints.

For any questions email

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