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This is not a product to buy, but an info package for anyone interested in getting a digitally painted portrait of their pet. Please contact me through the contact form or via email to set up your custom order.

Digital pet portraits are painted on a computer using a drawing tablet and a pen. The perks of digital paintings are that the process is slightly faster thanks to a wide variety of custom digital brushes for fur for example. They also save a lot in material cost as the work is done digitally and will not need large amounts of paint and physical brushes.

When you order a digital pet portrait, I will ask you to send me atleast 3 images of the pet you want a portrait of. They do not have to be of great quality but I do wish that atleast one show the eyes well and atleast one is taken in natural light (outside for example). Natural light show the colors of the fur accurately.
Feel free to send me as many photos as you want/can. You can also tell me a little bit about your pet's personality to help me capture their true self in the painting.
Pet portraits can have one of several pets in the same painting. Prices listed below are for one animal. For orders with several animals, additional animals will get a small discount.

Work time for a pet portrait depending on amount of animals will take 1-2 weeks. Keep in mind that I often have a waiting list and several portraits lined up. Place your order as early as possible if you have a deadline.

Portrait of one animal:
Head portrait – 160€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)
Full body portrait – 190€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)
Head + body portrait – 230€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)

Price per additional animal:
Head portrait - +100€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)
Full body portrait - +120€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)
Head + body portrait - 150€ (incl VAT tax when applicable)

Prices are for a digital file of the paiting.
Additional cost for printed products:
A4 poster – 10€
A3 poster – 15€
Canvas 30.5x40.6cm – 34,48€
Canvas 40.6x50.8cm – 38,66€

Shipping costs will be added to the price depending on final product and your location.

You can choose to pay securely through my webshop by buying a custom listing I create for you once we've figured out your order. You can also choose to pay by invoice, either a pdf-invoice or an invoice sent through paypal. If you choose to pay by invoice, you need to pay in advance before getting your finished portrait.

If you have any questions about ordering a pet portrait, don't hesitate to contact me in english, finnish or swedish through my contact form or via email!

CUSTOM digital pet portrait INFO

Sales Tax Included
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