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From art business to an aesthetic countryside life

Starting my 10th blog....

No, honestly I don't know how many blogs I've started over the years but this is definitely not the first.

Camilla Fjäder sitting in a rocking chair in an old house with a big cuddly bunny in her lap
This is my giant cuddlebunny Oliver in my art studio

Hi and welcome to my blog! This is going to be the text form of my art business and countryside lifestyle brand I have going on on more social media platforms than I am comfortable thinking about right now. Seeing as I've been writing and photographing for blogs since my early teens, it's pretty surprising that it took me this long to rekindle my spark for blogs now that I'm 30 and actually have quite a bit to write about other than my latest makeup purchase (hey, nothing wrong with beauty blogs though!). I even had to ask ChatGPT if people still read blogs - apparently they very much do so, and I should too!

If this is your first time stumbling onto my content - and I hope this will be the case with this blog - here's a short introduction to who I am and what I do:

My name is Camilla Fjäder (an artist name for a bit of personal privacy) and about a year ago I kicked the chase for my dream life into a whole new gear and moved out to the Finnish countryside, set up an art studio and filming vlogs for YouTube about my "slow living" surrounded by nature and animals - both wild and domestic. I had never lived in a house in the countryside before but despite that I think I have picked up on a lot of things very quickly.

I currently have a couple of bunnies, a rescue dog from Romania, a small flock of chickens 3 snakes, some tarantulas and giant cockroaches. My passions for rescue animals, an empty stable and a dream of taking in more homeless pets might just result in a much longer lists down the road. I am just finishing my studies to become an interior artisan and my goal for the studies was to find ways to incorporate my love for aesthetic surroundings and interior decor into my art business and social media as well.

Portrait of Camilla Fjäder in her art studio with a large black rooster sitting on her shoulder
One of my roosters named Odin is quite the model pro

The way I plan to set this up is for Instagram to be my photography based platform with some shorter snippets of text. If you want to dive deeper into a topic and admire the photography in a slightly bigger format, this blog is for your. I highly recommend visiting on the desktop but for on the go - your phone works too. Finally the video format on Youtube will also be linked in my blog posts. So in conclusion; if you want to really stay up to date on what I do and get the whole shabang in the most dashing format, my webpage and this blog is the place to be! I want to create inspiring, creative content about everything I make, from oil paintings to a cozy home. Please be vocal about what you want to read more about. I hope I see you around for future posts.

- Camilla

P.S. Give me some fun ideas for sign off phrases, like those hilarious millennial email sign offs on Tiktok.

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