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The art shop is currently closed.

As most artist, I prefer the process of creating more than the process of selling - but need both to make a living. So to balance it out the shop will from now on open for a limited time when a new collection is released and remain closed in between to give me time to work on new products and design interesting and exciting collections. The collections will not only consist of paintings but also other handmade, one-of-a-kind items in a wide price range. I suggest you subscribe to my newsletter to get the latest news about upcoming shop updates. I will also keep you up to date on my Instagram with behind the scenes and process footage.

Art for the bold

My art is an extension of my feelings, memories, thoughts and values. I spend months with each piece, molding it into a visualized part of me that I am ready to share with the world.

My creations are born from the humbling grandiose of wildlife while telling stories and discussing humanity and our connection to nature around us. I want it to be pretty but bold, thought-provoking but restful.
I hope that you have your own one of a kind, special and personal experience watching these paintings.


Shows and events

12.8. – 10.9.2023 Lopettakaa!

"Lopettakaa!" An exhibition at Kuusiston Taidekartano in Kaarina, protesting war and violence. Starting august 12th to september 10th.

3.3.-5.4.2023 - Luonto huomenna

"Luonto huomenna" Art exhibition at Kehystämö Galleria Patina in Jyväskylä from March the 3rd to April 5th. Free entry!

If you want the latest updates about my upcoming shows and events, I highly recommend subscribing to my newsletter!

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The Artist

My name is Camilla and I am based in the land of a thousand lakes, Finland. Here I produce visual content on paper, canvas and on screen. I am fascinated and inspired by everything in nature, from mammals and plants to small critters and bugs.


Assistant Manager

I am Frodo, I was flown in all the way from a dog shelter in Romania to share my expertise on life management and offer therapeutic support. I am also the head of hair distribution and work part-time security in the studio.

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